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Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones Removal | Kidney Stone Removal At Home

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones Removal | Kidney Stone Removal At Home

Today we're talking about how to dissolve kidney stones naturally. So ,kidney stones can be a very painful condition .You may not even know that what's going on. Usually it's a combination of both calcium and oxalates .Oxalates can be in the diet.things like spinach which is very healthy, chocolate, wheat products they can contain these oxalates, and this can be a problem in terms of forming kidney stones.

Now what type of pain is it ?

well it's usually a sharp sharp pain that you feel in the back area.It can move around a little bit depending on where that stone is, it can cause urinary discomfort when you're urinating, even fever and chills ,depending on the severity of the kidney stones, and those sharp pains . there could also be blood in the urine at the same time when you're experiencing those sharp pains. so this is something that really of course needs to be treated. this is a medical emergency. but if you have these  vague pains in the low back it could mean that maybe you do have kidney stones, that's something that needs to be treated and you can do this naturally. So what do you do?

Water Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

The most important and very very simple drink more water .something so simple but so many of us just don't simply drink enough water. so this is important to always be flushing through the kidneys, because kidneys do accumulate a lot of toxins, and we always want to be flushing things. so drink your water.


If you eat a ton of spinach and you're juicing all the time maybe you're increasing your risk of developing the kidney stones .You always want to have a healthy balance.

Apple Cider Vinegar (AVC) for Kidney Stones

Now ACV is a great way I know it's a huge health trend right now .So just one tablespoon a day diluted in some water remember you're going to be drinking more water so in diluted in some water just once a day .Make sure that you know if your teeth are very sensitive that you're brushing your teeth right after using this. but that's why I say to dilute it that'll help to get extra water into you to help to prevent and treat those kidney stones.  

The other thing is  watch the sugars because if you eat too much sugar in the diet unfortunately you're depleting your minerals and you're not getting that nutrient density in your foods.Depleting your minerals maybe you drink soda pop,this is  one thing as well to really avoid if you're prone to kidney stones. Because they contain phosphates and what those phosphates do is they deplete your minerals things like magnesium and calcium.

Some of the other supplements that we talk about are calcium and magnesium so balancing your minerals is really important in the body to help to make sure that you are stopping those kidney stones from forming in the first place.So it is really important to watch  that you're not having too much soda pop.Decrease your salt as well.If you love to eat salt on your food and you add a lot of extra salt maybe you need to decrease it a little bit.
And if you are using salt maybe switch it up Himalayan salts which contain a lot of other minerals as well as maybe sea salt .
Use these salts instead because they're a lot healthier for you and will help to protect your kidneys. also there are some really important herbs that you can use for your kidneys and flushing and detoxifying your kidneys to help to treat but also prevent kidney stones.So bearberry, horse tail and dandelion now are fantastic herbs in a concentrated form as part of the detox.It is a great way to get those toxins safely out of the kidneys,so they happen to be actually in our formula our full body detox which also helps to detoxify the other organs like the liver as well as the kidneys the skin the digestive tract and lymphatic system.So if you're interested about that at all it's a whole food vitamin supplement that you can use to help to get that that detoxification process going yet very safely and gently.
Thanks for joining me today.I hope that you love this article.

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