Tuesday, January 9, 2018

How to Do A Parasite Cleanse Naturally | Natural Parasite Cleanse

How to Do A Parasite Cleanse Naturally | Natural Parasite Cleanse

Today we're talking about parasite cleanse detox and the parasite detox diet, how to get rid of those bad bugs. So really common to have parasites and Candida which is that bad organism that can be in your digestive tract and a lot of the symptoms of having parasites and Candida include stomach pains, gas bloating, weight gain.
You can actually gain weight because you have these bad bugs, one of the main reasons is that those bad bugs especially that Candida makes you crave sugar when you eat more sugar and more carbs guess what happens you pile on the weight this is just five pounds of fat that's what it looks like can you believe that imagine I was just sitting right on your gut like for a lot of us not me but a lot of people have that fat sitting there, so it could be around the muffin top too. Great news is is that we can kill those bad bugs we want to do this naturally how do we do it without having those negative side effects, without having to drastically change the diet, well the good news is is that we have a product which I'll share in just a few moments but on the diet you know I'd like you to watch your carbohydrates, watch your sugars if you stop feeding those bad guys then guess what they get upset and then they start to die off but more importantly we want to be a little bit aggressive at actually killing them.

Apple cider vinegar

One of the things that can do this naturally is apple cider vinegar helps to kill those bad bugs, helps to now regulate your flora your micro bio me so that mixture of your good and bad bacteria those probiotics or your good guys in the digestive tract we want to make sure that that environment is healthy and that's what the apple cider vinegar can do for you and just one tablespoon a day mix it in a bit of warm water I usually do it in the evening great way to kill off some of those parasites and get that healthy gut going.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another great way just a tablespoon a day to help to kill off those bad bugs as well as their eggs.

Papaya juice

Papaya juice so for kids it's often hard a lot of the herbs that we use for for treating parasites can be very aromatic so really strong flavor so sometimes hard to get into children but papaya juice is sweet it's something that children can take to help to kill off those parasites.

Garlic onions

Garlic is fantastic as well, onions parasites don't like healthy foods they don't like onions they don't like garlic they don't like green leafy vegetables go figure so by eating a lot of these bitter greens this can help to kill those parasites as well.

Eating pumpkin seeds so pumpkin seeds naturally slow down stund those parasites which is fantastic.
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