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Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables to Eat Every Day | Best Vegetables Nutrition

Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables to Eat Every Day | Best Vegetables Nutrition

Today I will be sharing with you the 10 top healthiest vegetables that you can possibly eat. So this is something whether you can work all ten into your diet ,or you can just do a few of them, to really put you so much ahead in terms of getting those anti-oxidants and phytonutrients .which are those plants nutrients and are so healthy for you. so whether you want more energy, you want to improve your digestion, you want to make sure your skin is glowing and you are slowing down that aging process these are the top 10 vegetables for you. so starting at 

10.Parsley can also provide nutritional benefits

Parsley, why is parsley so great? Parsley being a green vegetable of course is very healthy containing that chlorophyll, but also is really cleansing for the kidneys and that is why it is and has made my top 10 list.

Parsley and Carrot


Carrot of course contain beta-carotene and beta-carotene in the body converts into our vitamin A which is an important anti-oxidant .it is really protective for our cells and staving off disease, but also of course for beauty and for the health of our skin cells. 

8.Beetroot nutrition

Beet, so the beet root is so so healthy, anything that is brightly pigmented in nature has a lot of anti-oxidants .beets of course we know are very high on the Orac scale meaning their ability to quench those free radicals really helpful at decreasing blood pressure naturally and helped to detoxify the body. so beets helps to detoxify both the kidneys and the liver so this is really great for you to know putting a bit of natural raw beet juice into and juicing that beet into your blender as well if you are making smoothies

7. Red bell pepper

Red bell pepper again very high on the Orac scale in terms of being able to quench those free radicals, but contain natural vitamin C this is really important for the is also very protective for the eyes as it contain lutein and zezantin which are you know specific anti-oxidant which are really important for the health of the eyes. 


Cabbage contains indole 3 carbinol there is a few groups in this group including swiss chard, broccoli, brussels sprouts, Kale and spinach etc., so these are all indole 3 carbinol which really help with our estrogen levels. whether you are man or woman it is important to get that bad estrogen out of the body and that is what the I3Cs the indole 3 carbinol cabbage which is one them really helps us to do that. so really important for liver detoxification as well when we are eating cabbage.

5.Swiss chard

On the list is swiss chard so again indole 3 carbinol a green leafy vegetable work this into smoothies as well you don't have to use a lot but remember whenever you cook these things you want to make sure that you are just steaming them so under 4 minutes if you are going to cook any of the vegetables that I'm talking about these helps to maintain the cells walls of the plant so that you don't lose all the nutrients into the water in which you are cooking it, so steaming for 4 minutes is the key. Next on the list 


broccoli again an indole 3 carbinol food that is so important for you know trapping that bad estrogen but also helping to protect our cells and this a high high anti-oxidant.

3.Brussels sprouts

they look like tiny cabbages. not everyone likes to eat Brussels sprouts , but Brussels Sprouts again an indole 3 carbinol food .fantastic for women but for men as well .for balancing that estrogen really high on the Orac scale for its ability to quench those free radicals with protecting our cells in terms of prevention of disease is super super important.

2.Spinach nutrition has powerful anti-inflammatory

Spinach being really high in anti-oxidant again has a lot of chlorophyll really helpful at detoxifying the liver and the kidneys as well as the lymphatic system. so really fantastic vegetable for you to hopefully to work into, whether it is your omelette ,if you are more on the vegetarian side into your juices, you can eat spinach raw. you know make sure it is well washed because of the evidence about you know some of the spinach that is out there and picking up parasites .so you always wash away the parasites because you can't see them.


So Kale again being an indole 3 carbinol food really important for balancing our hormones also high in the Orac scale one of the highest vegetables on the Orac scale for quenching the free radicals .You can use it into your daily diet and you know not only will you be looking good but also feeling your absolutely best. 

Work these ten vegetables into your diet do the best Thanks for reading this article.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons, under Creative Commons License 


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