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How Many Times a Day Should You Drink Lemon Water To Lose Weight

How Many Times a Day Should You Drink Lemon Water To Lose Weight 

How Many Times a Day Should You Drink Lemon Water To Lose Weight The benefit of lemon on fats or weight reductions and three ways to prepare it. When I was a kid I had a fruit info chart with all the fruits on it. I always thought that lime on the chart and the lemon in my kitchen was the same thing and I just had access to the uglier version,it won’t come as a surprise to most of you that lemon and lime have tons of vitamin C and other health components. Lemon actually has more vitamin A and less Vitamin C than lime but both of these will help with immunity, healing, healthy skin protection against diseases and aid weight loss as well.If you're wondering at this point I'm over it the ugly version is not too bad after all. Let’s get straight into the fat loss benefits of vitamin C in both lemon and lime by having them mostly in the morning. So check out how many times a day should you drink lemon water to lose weight.

Nutrient Usage

Vitamin C is necessary for helping the body use carbohydrates fat and protein properly if your body is not using what you're giving it it will be stored as Fats 

Workout Enhancement

Imagine going to the gym and burning more fat than the work you actually did that would be a dream right that's actually possible with lemon juice as well Studies have found that Vitamin C helps with fat oxidation.

Suppress body weight gain

So Vitamin C has been proven to not only help you lose weight but prevent you from gaining weight as well. I cannot imagine a better scenario.

Speed metabolism

Speed metabolism

it helps with regulating the lipid metabolism and prevents metabolic syndrome, amazing stuff, so let's move on to how to prepare and how many times a day should you drink lemon water

A. Infused water

For people that get bored of drinking plain water you can get creative. You can simply add lemon and lime to your jar or infused water bottle and leave it overnight and drink it the morning after you can also add mint to help with bloating and cucumber for extra hydration.

B. Lime water

This is what I do lazy girl problem, just add half the line to a big glass of water and that's it you have your drink. I drink this in the morning before my breakfast right after I wake up and it's amazing to lose weight

C. Extra soothing 

If you live somewhere cool and you want something extra soothing or you prefer warm water, get the warm water and add 2 tablespoons of lime and 1 tablespoon of honey. Warm water is actually better for you in the morning. Before you leave lemon water will help you with the fat loss process but it cannot substitute for healthy eating and exercise it is amazing but it is not a miracle holy water.

so don't think you can have whatever you want and erase it with this detox, it does not work that way. You need to help your cells by nourishing them and they'll work in your favour to lose weight.

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