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CICO weight loss | Things You Need to Know about CICO Diet

CICO weight loss | Things You Need to Know about CICO Diet

In this article you're going to learn whether the CICO diet which is “the calories in and calories out diet”, really works. With so many trends emerging in the health industry the classic that has been getting more and more attention is the CICO diet. 
Basically you can eat whatever you want as long as the calories you spend is more than what you are eating. you simply ought to consume fewer calories than you expend day by day on physical activity and very important functions (such as respiration and keeping warm). 

Proponents of CICO argue that it does not essentially matter what you eat, as long as you produce a daily calorie deficit. Including the sweets and junk food, but there is more to that which are :


Satiety is the satisfaction from the meal. It's not equal for every dish that you eat. It will leave you wanting more. The best food for satiety is the one with healthy fats. Bread and pasta will leave you wanting more food, and if you give in, which is very likely, you will gain weight

Body Fuel

Have you ever tried exercising after eating a cake? The calories are the same as bowl of salad or a piece of steak or oat meal. But the way these fuel the body is completely different, while you may lose weight, it requires serious willpower to not eat anything else, once the sugar level crash.


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Having food high in sugar and lower in protein and fat will slow down your metabolism. As your muscles are not fueled and repaired properly which in turn will cause you to lose less the calories, leading to weight gain. If you have high protein and high food and complex carbs It will help you increase the metabolism. 

In summary the CICO diet does work in logical sense, but our body is more complex than that. Fueling your body the correct way will help you with sustainable weight and great metabolism. Simply having less calories and losing weight may be good for short-term solution. This can damage the health and lead to malnutrition if junk food is consumed. But for long-term, Eating right and lesser if you want to lose weight is the answer.

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