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How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Your Face Naturally Effective Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Face Naturally Effective Ways - Remove Age Spots,Brown Spots on skin

Age spots or liver spots, are the blemishes on the skin, occur most often on the rear, shoulder, hands and face of the individuals.These flat brown or black spots are more common in those with a fair complexion. There are several factors resulting in the occurrence of aged spots in individuals over the age of forty, however the common ones include over exposure to ultraviolet rays, increasing age, and genetics.
How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Face Home Remedies


According to the American Academy of dermatology, age spots are shaped as a result of prolonged exposure to sun. This causes deposition of melanin beneath the skin, that results in the appearance of age spots on the skin. No exercise, unhealthy diet, consumption of stale oils and faulty liver functions are another reasons which will cause age spots. Over exposure to ultraviolet rays from tanning beds may end in these spots, thereby making it necessary to take additional precaution whereas getting yourself that tan, naturally or by artificial means.


Age spots have several symptoms with that they will be easily identified. a number of them are as follows:
Appearance of flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation on the skin in black, brown and tan colors.Occur totally on the skin exposed to sun; just like the back of hands, top of your feet, face, shoulders and upper back.Can vary in size – from as tiny as a freckle to ½ inch. Sometimes, age spots cluster along to create additional prominent appearances. Have a similar texture as the rest of the skin.

5 Natural Remedies For Get Rid Of Age Spots On Your Face

Fresh aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera gel will help with most skin conditions. It contains chemicals that get eliminate dead skin cells, permitting new, healthy cells to grow. If you utilize it frequently then, over time the spot ought to lighten and eventually disappear. fresh Aloe vera gel is best, however AN organic brand may be used.

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Fresh lemon juice

lemon juice

Dabbing your age spots with lemon juice some times each day may help. The citric acid is simply sturdy enough to get eliminate dead skin cells and permits healthier, brighter skin cells to shine through. Darker skin is removed and your age spots become lighter.


Horseradish contains vitamin C that, as we mentioned before, inhibits the production of melanin that causes pigmentation and age spots on our skin.
Horseradish additionally contains glucosinolates that improve circulation of blood to the affected space. Horseradish is additionally a natural antioxidant and detoxifies the body.
Prepare a horseradish paste. then apply the paste on the affected space and leave it on for about half an hour however no more than that. you ought to try this some of times per week for best results.


You can additionally use buttermilk to help lighten your age spots. merely apply it on to the area for five to ten minutes, and so rinse it of. The lactic acid exfoliates the skin, serving to to lighten the spots.



The next remedy is papaya that is rich in specific enzymes and in alpha hydroxyl acids that create it a good exfoliant. Papaya helps get eliminate skin disease, blemishes and sun spots too.

In general, papaya cleanses our skin, giving a bright look immediately.
Begin by cutting a raw papaya into skinny slices. then apply the flesh on the affected areas. Leave it on for half AN hour, massaging gently all the while. Wash with cold water.
You can additionally cut the papaya into chunks. take away the pulp using a fork, and apply it on the skin that is affected by age spots. This mask ought to be kept on for about fifteen minutes. then rinse out with cold water.
You can do anyone of the 2 treatments once daily.

A word of caution: twenty four hours before using papaya as a remedy do a skin test as some individuals with sensitive skin as allergic to papayas.

Bonus Tips To Get Rid Of Age Spots

If you’re really committed to lightening your age spots, you can use any combination of the above remedies. Afterward, however, you have to be extremely careful regarding your sun exposure and be certain to use a homemade sunblock.
It’s additionally necessary to remember that these remedies do take time. as a result of they're mild on your skin, results might take several weeks to see. simply be consistent and that they will lighten and eventually even disappear.

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