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Can Exercise Improve Your Sleep | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

Can Exercise Improve Your Sleep

The fact of the matter is that for many people, getting quality sleep, let alone fall asleep in the first place, is much harder than we think. Exercise is great for a host of health benefits, such as improving heart health with cardio and HIIT, to improving overall strength with resistance training.

Can Exercise Improve Your Sleep And time and time again it's been shown that exercise will also help with getting more shut-eye at night. But for those of you that need a bit more convincing, as if you already need more reasons to exercise, here’s some very real and clear evidence of the magical sleeping aid we call gain. First, understand that to invoke sleep, our body follows a near 24-hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm. Based on different cues and signals, this rhythm knows when to tell you when it’s time to go night night. One way in doing so is by raising body temperature.Through the circadian cycle, your body slowly increases in heat, reaching its highest temperature at night right before sleep. 

This, along with the lack of light, signals the body to increase the sleep-inducing hormone melanin. People struggling to sleep can use exercise as a way to actively increase body temperature in hopes to drive this signal. On top of that, a byproduct of burning more energy with exercise is raising levels of adenine, another hormone responsible for making you feel tired and sleepy. Another pesky thing that inevitably makes it harder to sleep is age. With age, the responses to sleep signals and the circadian cycle slows down. As we saw, exercise can help with that silly circadian guy and it does not discriminate with age.

In fact, a 6-month long study of elderly individuals partaking in a resistance training program not only saw a 38% improvement in sleep quality based on the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, but the folks even saw an awesome 52% increase in upper body strength. Sleep better AND open pickle jars easier? That… that’s a win-win! Oh, and in case exercise alone is not good enough as you grow older, another study showed that engaging in weight training, walking, and more social activities improved sleep for older individuals better than doing any of the three alone. And for people that have the most trouble sleeping, like people with chronic insomnia, exercise has undoubtedly shown to improve sleep.

Exercise Improve Your SleepA study showed that as little as one exercise session was able to not only help people suffering chronic insomnia sleep faster, but also sleep longer. The exact reason why is not fully known, but possible reasons are one, the link to body temperature and the circadian rhythm as discussed before, and two, exercise can lower anxiety and depression symptoms, which is something that many with chronic insomnia suffer as well. Sleep better and be in a better mood. As far as the type of exercise, it seems that any type will undoubtedly improve sleep. We know resistance training improves sleep based on earlier studies and might make you rip a few sleeves. But studies show that, yes, cardio improves sleep as well. A representative study of over 2600 people of all ages performing at least 150 minutes per week of moderate to intense exercises, including cardio, on average reported a 65% improvement in sleep.

They even felt less sleepy during the early hours of the day! This is even more true for people with insomnia, as studies showed that low intensity exercises are much more effective than higher intensity. And the time you exercise matters, too. When you exercise in the morning, and especially outdoors, you’ll come in contact with more sunlight, which is a signal to the circadian cycle to increase wakefulness and lower sleep-inducing melanin levels. That means by working out early, you’ll feel more energetic throughout your day. Other studies have shown that you can also benefit from working out in the afternoon because at this time, you will be at your strongest. And you might have heard that working out at night will make your sleep worse, but luckily, that’s not true.

A study from the Journal of Sleep Research found that 35 minutes of exercise 2 hours before sleep did slightly increase heart rate during sleep, but it had no effect on sleep quality. In fact, exercise at night might help you sleep better by first raising your core body temperature and then quickly cooling you down, which is something that happens when you sleep. So choose a time to workout that’s best for you. At the end, exercise at any time will be better than exercising no time. With 40% of the population having sleep troubles, finding out ways to improve sleep is extremely important. And based on that, exercise seems like a no brainier.

So head to the gym, the park, the dance class, the garage, wherever you might be working out, and go get your gain and get your sleep. Good lifting and good night.

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How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holiday Season | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

How To Avoid Weight Gain During The Holiday Season

It’s finally that time again. The time of the year where we celebrate with our loved ones and…lie a little bit on our calorie counting app. Where three slices of turkey count as one. Pumpkin pie is the same as broccoli.
And egg nog has the same number of calories as water. If only we can run away from the impending caloric doom we call winter festivities. The harsh reality is that this time of year is a nightmare on gainz street. If you played your cards right, you should be bulking around this time anyway. Unfortunately for the majority of us, timing bulks isn’t in our dictionaries. So, what exactly can you do to avoid gaining weight gain  over the holidays? Now, the easy answer is to just stay below your calorie limit during the holidays.But, let’s… be real, that’s not going to happen.

What about using lower-calorie ingredients and recipes for this year’s holiday dinners? 

Possible, but not exactly a fun option, for you and everyone else. And… quite honestly, there shouldn’t be any changes whatsoever to your festive dinner plans. After all, the whole point of holiday dinners is to enjoy time with the people you love and enjoy the food you eat. Changing ingredients or the way you eat can make a joyous dinner into a joyless dinner. So, in order to keep holiday dinners intact and still avoid gaining weight, things surrounding it must be adjusted. One of which is your physical activity. 
As you draw closer to the holidays, start ramping up your exercises. Add a few more circuits to your MRT workouts, a few more minutes to your runs, or even a few more intervals on your HIIT sessions. The more days you add extra work, the more you can excuse yourself for stuffing your face. But as great as increasing exercise can be, nothing is more effective than controlling the food you eat. And frankly, it’s much easier than exercising more. Knowing that you have a lot of feasting ahead, eating less beforehand can offset the expected extra calories. But, of course, that doesn’t mean to just go on an insane crash diet. The more days you dedicate to eating less beforehand the better. If you estimate that you’ll be eating 5000 more calories throughout the holidays, for example, then offsetting that 5000 calories by eating 250 calories fewer each day for 20 days is better than forcing yourself to eat 1000 calories fewer for 5 days. At the end, really,

it all comes down to eating less and exercising more. OR… and hear me out here, you can just enjoy yourself and not worry about any of this. Quite honestly, 
a few pounds gained weight over the holidays is such a minor speck to the priceless time spent with your loved ones. It’s time to celebrate your accomplishments over the year and be proud of how far you’ve come. What’s a pound, two pounds, or even 5 pounds’ matter if it means you can’t enjoy yourself at a time in which it matters the most? Forget eating less than usual and forget working out more! Well, maybe you can use a few more workouts. But forget making your life more difficult and just be happy and enjoy… life. 

After all, you can just set it as part of your upcoming New Year’s fitness resolution, right? Well… that is if you finally stick through it this time.

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Eat Junk Food and Lose Weight! WHAT? | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

Eat Junk Food and Lose Weight! WHAT

A nutrition professor from Kansas State University decided to go on a rather interesting diet, consisting mainly of nutty bars, powdered donuts, and twinkies. Dubbed the “Twinkie Diet,” he was able to lose 27 pounds in 10 weeks. The point he was trying to make is that if you wanted to lose weight, you just have to count your calories. Considering that he burns roughly 2600 calories per day, the professor decided to eat 1800 calories of mainly junk food daily. And voila, he did in fact lose weight, and anecdotally, proved that his hypothesis was true. You’re probably wondering,

I wonder if this would work for me?

The short answer is… yes. As dearth and unimaginable as it might sound, the theory behind calories in and calories out has been relentlessly shown to have some merit to it in many studies. And if you assume that calories simply mean the amount of food you eat, then it makes much more sense when you say,
“if you want to lose weight, you just need to eat less.” But it doesn’t mean that for people wanting to lose weight, they should be doing the same Twinkie Diet. Problem is, today’s media and society has become obsessed with the number on the scale that it blatantly ignores many other health factors. It just doesn’t boil down to a single number. In all honesty, doing such a diet is rather pointless. Yes, it’s true, that you can in fact lose weight eating nothing but junk. But you will do so at a cost…

…Such as the lack of nutrients. In terms of macros, junk food consists of heavy amounts of processed sugar and saturated fat. Two things of which, when consumed chronically or in excess, has been connected to health diseases such as atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes. It’s also missing an abundance of protein, the number one macronutrient needed to build any considerable amount of muscle when paired with training. Worse yet, muscle breakdown during weight loss will increase since you don’t have enough protein to fend it off.

And don’t forget micronutrients. Vitamins and minerals, although not significant factors of weight loss, are still needed for good health and to prevent malnutrition. Vitamin and mineral deficiency is no joke, causing a wide range of health issues. Ahem, to name a few: Parasthesia, hypothyroidism, confusion, cheilosis aka lip fissures, fatigue, loss of memory, anemia, pale skin, depression, hair loss, rashes, numbness, cramps, decreased strength output, and, arrr scurvy. And the professor knew this can be an issue, and that’s why he was smart enough to at least supplement his junk food diet with a multivitamin supplement, a protein shake, and a good handful of veggies.

If we also truly look at how much junk food you’re allowed to eat versus healthy food on an 1800 calorie diet, you’ll see that you’re in for quite a starving experience. And again, you’ll probably want more than just losing weight. I’m sure most of you are looking to put on some muscle or at the very least, lose weight and get that elusive “lean” look. You can work out, of course, but much of your exercises will go to waste if you’re not giving your body enough protein to begin with, something that we know junk food is sorely lacking. In the short run, you might be able to get away with a junk food diet with very little negative impact to health.

But if you expect this to work in the long run, sorry to burst your bubblegum, it won’t pan out too well for you. So let’s revisit the question. If you ask, “Can you lose weight eating nothing but junk food?” The answer is factually yes. But if you ask “Is losing weight by eating nothing but junk food healthy? Then the answer is a big, fatty, no. What are some crazy diets you’ve tried?

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Can This Coffee Help HACK Your Weight Loss Goals? | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

Can This Coffee Help HACK Your Weight Loss Goals?

You know, I heard about bulletproof coffee a few years back on a podcast, but the speakers quickly said it was pointless and won’t help you with losing weight. My thought was, “Sounds like just another fad that’ll disappear soon!” But, looks like I was wrong. Today, it seems like bullet proof coffee is popping up everywhere and even some of your favorite celebrities drink it. So, was the podcast wrong? Can Bulletproof coffee actually help you burn fat and lose weight?

First, what is bulletproof coffee?

The name is actually a trademarked under Dave Asprey, a marketer, self-titled “biohacker,” and owner of Bulletproof Executive. With Bulletproof Coffee, along with his Bulletproof Diet, he promises to help “upgrade” your life if you follow his plans and use his products. He’s kind of caught some heat recently about the… efficacy of his products, but the bulletproof coffee concept is still perceived positively by many.

So, let’s look at the ingredients: 1 cup of freshly brewed coffee 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted, grass-fed, butter And 1-2 tablespoons of MCT oil, a more concentrated version of coconut oil. Blend these three ingredients together and, BAM, you have bulletproof coffee. Dave Asprey says that you need HIS special blend of MCT oil and magical toxin-free coffee beans to make it work, but no research has ever proven that to be true. Now let’s dissect the reasoning for these ingredients. Unsalted, grass-fed butter is added because it contains higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid, aka CLA, which has been touted for being a fat-burning fatty acid.

The studies, unfortunately, saw little to no effect in weight or fat loss with CLA. And the study with the greatest effect only saw subjects lose on average 2.5 pounds in a span of… 4 months. MCT oil, on the other hand, is a bit trickier. MCT actually stands for medium-chain triglycerides. And because of its medium size, it can be quickly metabolized in the liver to provide energy and circulate ketone bodies, perfect for those needing an extra energy boost or seeking Ketosis. When it comes to studies, there is a trend for increased weight and fat loss with MCT oil. However, the only studies that saw results were done with overweight to obese subjects.

Average-sized populations failed to achieve any significant change. Even with the current evidence, there are plenty of people that claim bulletproof coffee indeed works, but not the way the initial research observed. The magic is actually all about making you feel full. If we look at satiety studies, there is definitely more supporting evidence for MCT oil and butter. In fact, that’s really the case for any fats, especially when you compare it to sugar, which does little in terms of fullness. By adding globs of butter and MCT oil to your morning coffee, you can hold off eating lunch well into the late afternoon. But, there is a catch… With the recommended 2 tablespoons of butter and MCT oil, you’re looking aaat… 435 calories for a single cup of coffee! That’s not only a lot of calories, but it’s also a lot of calories with little to no nutrients other than fat.

Even though a traditional small breakfast might not keep you full as long, it does offer a greater variety of vitamins, minerals, and protein. But if you ask me, I would personally suggest that, for those wanting to lose weight but tend to scoff down too much food in the morning, have an early lunch, or trying to stay in ketosis, then you should consider bulletproof coffee. You just have to plan the rest of your diet accordingly.

If you don’t think you’ll benefit from the added satiety, then skip it altogether. You’re better with a more nutritious meal. And, it’s probably time to change the name of it, too, as we now know, this coffee is anything but bulletproof. Maybe paleo coffee, or butter coffee, or MCTCLA coffee, or cocospresso?

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4 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

4 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

It’s tough. You apply everything you’re learned and researched, yet when you step on the scale, nothing ever seems to change. It’s.. to say the least, disappointing. If you ask me, your weight shouldn’t mean much in the big picture. After all, two people of the same weight can look vastly different. 

A better indicator is to simply look at the mirror! But, I understand people still yearn for their weight to go down, perhaps due to exploitative fitness marketing constantly parading weight loss as THE sign of success. Regardless of how you choose to see it, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that might explain why you’re not losing any weight.

Number 1: You’re eating too little protein

Although typically you want to eat less during a weight loss diet, having more PROTEIN can help in two important ways: One, protein increases satiation and satiety more so than the other two macro nutrients, carbs and fats. You’ll feel full faster, translating to fewer calories consumed per meal, and you’ll feel full longer, delaying any additional calorie intake. Two, protein has a relatively high thermic effect of food, the amount of energy it takes to process the food you eat. For every 100 calories of protein consumed, roughly 30 calories are used in digestion. Carbs and fat take roughly 10 calories for every hundred. More protein means more calories burned, which means more weight lost. Of course, we can’t ignore protein’s role in muscle preservation, attenuating muscle breakdown commonly seen during long-term weight loss. 

Number 2: You’ve only lost water weight

One might see some initial rapid weight loss. But most of that early weight loss is likely attributed to water weight. This is especially true of diets where carbohydrates are the first to go, forcing the body to utilize more of its glucose storage, glycogen, notorious for its water retention. On top of any sodium reduction, which also retains water, or sweat-inducing exercises, the majority of your weight loss in the first 3 weeks is water. After that, if you cease to see any changes on the scale, then it’s time to re-tinker your plan to ensure that you are indeed in a calorie deficit, aka eat fewer calories than you burn, so that you continue losing weight, especially fat weight. 

Number 3: Under reporting your calories

Sometimes people are misguided by calorie counting because when they actually do it, they don’t see any results. But oftentimes, the calorie count is way off. Based on numerous research on the matter, under reporting calories is not only extremely common, but some have found people under reporting their calories by as much as 47%! They’re simply eating more than they think they are. Accurately report your calories or at least get close estimates and when you’re uncertain, always assume you’re eating more. Use apps like MyFitnessPal that can also make counting easier. Bear in mind, you still have to shoot for healthy choices to ensure that you’re getting enough protein and other micro nutrients.

number 4: Not lifting weights

Not lifting weights. Or… any form of resistance training. And, this might have more to do with losing the right weight. We’ve been told by numerous times that cardio cardio cardio, is the way to go for weight loss. As great as cardio might be for, well, your cardiac organ, aka your heart, it shouldn’t be your only weight loss tool. Undoubtedly, cardio can burn fat more so than lifting weights. One 2012 study in fact showed that, when compared to one another, cardio indeed is the benefactor of overall weight loss and even fat loss. But even though cardio resulted in the greatest amount of weight loss, it also negatively impacted lean mass. Resistance training, on the other hand, did the opposite, significantly INCREASING lean mass. So, if cardio is great for weight and fat loss, and resistance training is great for building muscle, 

What’s the best thing you can do? 

That’s right! Both, as clearly indicated in the study as well. When combining both, you truly get the best of both worlds. But, if you had to choose one, then I suggest you go with weights for the muscle improvements. 

Neither diet or more cardio will help in the muscle department. And that wraps up four potential reasons you’re not losing weight. I’m sure that you have encountered your own unique dilemmas, so please feel free to share some of them in the comments to help your fellow fitness junkies break through their weight loss plateaus.

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Why Dieting Can Make You Gain Weight | Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

Why Dieting Can Make You Gain Weight

I always thought that maybe a wedding would be the incentive I needed to lose weight, so when I got engaged, I decided to start looking into it. But after I did a little research, it quickly became clear that the best diet was actually no diet at all because it turns out, dieting can make you Gain Weight. (upbeat music) Yeah, diets have been around for hundreds of years and so you might think, well, it's time tested, hundreds of years, we gotta trust it. But you would be wrong, you'd be very wrong. So here's the science behind why dieting can make you gain weight

Body weight is regulated by the brain, and which is often resistant to extreme diet-based weight loss, so when you're on a diet, sure, initially you might lose weight, but likely you're gonna gain it back because your body's gonna make you. The hormone leptin plays an important role in our eating habits. This hormone combats our attempts at weight loss by signaling hunger. Basically, you scared your body because you starved it, and so your body is like, okay, bitch, I'm gonna start storin' up fat, so if you do this to me again, I'm gonna have some fat storage to be able to deal with that starvation. This is the called the classic starvation response. 

The brain responds to a loss of fat by increasing your hunger levels, so now you're more hungry, and you may eat more food, so if you're dieting, you are far more vulnerable to binge eating. Dieting can be stressful in itself, and stress hormones are linked to weight gain, especially in the belly area. Just so you can understand how silly diets are, I think it's best to look back on the dieting fads of yesteryear. The creator of graham crackers introduced a high fiber diet in the 1830s. 

We all know what happened, obviously, camping became big, we started eating s'mores. Graham crackers aren't that healthy when you put chocolate and marshmallow on them, but they are delicious. There was William Banting's low-carb diet from 1863. In 1903, it was popular for people to chew food 32 times in order to lose weight and digest food better, I guess? There's a lot more things you could do to lose those calories than just sittin' and chewin'. The cigarette diet debuted in 1925, and we all know how that went. Yeah, cigarettes, not so healthy. The grapefruit diet debuted in 1930, and it was popularized in Hollywood. The idea behind the grapefruit diet was that if you eat a grapefruit with every meal, you're gonna lose weight. I mean, I love grapefruits but does anyone love grapefruit that much? A grapefruit every meal, that's too much grapefruit. In 1934, the United Fruit Company began pushing the banana and skim milk diet. So you see the pattern here, people are trying to sell you things, and they're trying to sell you it by telling you, you're gonna lose weight with it. 

This is a pattern that repeats throughout time. On the Sleeping Beauty diet, which debuted in 1976, people were sedated for days in order to lose weight. Like Sleeping Beauty had an excuse, there was a curse put on her, but you just cursed yourself. Or maybe society cursed you into thinking you needed to lose weight by doing the Sleeping Beauty diet. The caveman diet came out in 1985 and that has morphed into what we know today as the Paleo diet, where you just eat a bunch of meat for some reason. The trendy diets of today are the Whole30, Paleo Diet, and the Keto Diet. Christine Clark, PhD, RDN, she cautions against diets that prohibit certain food groups, which, if you've ever tried a diet, is like, most of all diets. Dieters who avoid specific food groups lose out in the nutrients that are in those food groups. 

The Keto Diet is a high-fat, low-carb diet, which could result in inadequate levels of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins. The Whole30 is an extremely restrictive diet. You have to eliminate dairy, beans, grains, sugar, alcohol. The diet's restrictiveness can make it unsustainable. If you're dieting and you're following an unsustainable diet, you're gonna fall back to bad habits. Our society is obsessed with skinniness for no reason. Skinny's not always been the ideal body type. Until the 1900s, curvy women were the ideal beauty standard in the U.S. and Europe. 

There was singer/actress Lillian Russell, who would be considered heavyset by today's standards. She was the ideal beauty in the late 19th century. During the turn of the century, the Gibson Girls set another body standard for women. The Gibson Girls were simultaneously curvy and fragile. They had thin waists, thanks to corsets, and large breasts, so that was also probably a crazy body type to try to emulate. In the 1940s and 50s, advertisers capitalized on the idea that women and who were skinny, were unattractive to men. These are real ads that were targeted at women to try to make them gain weight, which is just something that's completely unheard of today. 

There were these ads basically reinforced the idea that to find love, thin women have to gain weight. After World War II and into the 1960s, we had Marilyn Monroe, who had a very full figure, and was considered the ideal beauty at the time. In the 1960s, that's when thinness started to come into vogue, first with Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn. Then in the 1990s, ultra-thin heroin chic was popularized by models like Kate Moss.

Basically, beauty standards change all the time, and currently being a little skinny thing is very unrealistic for most people. You can be healthy when you're slightly overweight, according to society's standards. You know what, all these crazy fad diets. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep, watch your stress levels, and be happy in your body 'cuz your body's perfect the way it is, and honestly trying to change it, might just be worse in the long run.

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The Best Swimming Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Easily

8 Best Swimming Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Easily

Swimming is the best all over body toner and there are few sports so mild and relaxing that you just will do at your own pace and stroke. You’ll be able to burn as many as 600 calories AN hour whereas firming legs, arms, breasts and dealing towards a flatter tummy.
Best Swimming Pool Exercises

According to the American Heart Association. Thirty to sixty minutes of swimming for four to six days every week will facilitate people both reduce weight and cut back health risks like stoke. cardiovascular disease and Diabetes. Swimming could be a fun way to enjoy exercise.

Swimming is appropriate for anyone aged 3 months upwards, because the water takes the burden. Disabled individuals are on equal terms with the able.

Best 8 Swimming Pool Exercises:

Exercises number 1: Swinging legs

Swimming Pool Exercises That Burn Fat Easily

Swing a leg to enhance you hip hinging movement. Stand upright with one arm on pool edge. Swing right leg forward and back keeping left knee firm. Do ten with each leg to burn leg fat and additional flab.

Exercises Number 2: Legged Balance

Increase the flexibleness of ankles by standing on one leg. Stretching the opposite out in front of you. Rotate raised foot clockwise ten times, then anticlockwise. Change legs.FIy Back
Improve posture and back issues by supporting your body with extended arms on pool
side and pull your abdomen in as your spine straightens.

Exercises Number 3: Pendulum Swinging 

Support your self with arms on pool side. Stand on one leg. Create little circles with alternative leg step by step moving it out towards the side. Repeat the movement with alternative leg.

Exercises Number 4: Beach Ball Lever

Take a big ball and, use each hands, push it down in front of you twenty times, then repeat
behind your back. Good to burn calories for shoulder and chest.
Stand together with your legs a little apart so you retain your balance. With straight arms press the ball down in the water and move it from one side to the opposite in semi circles.

Exercises Number 5: Wave Maker

Work on legs, waist and plexus that store fat. Support your body with arms on pool side, keep our legs straight and move them in a circle. Do that ten times, repeat in other way.

Exercises Number 6: Front Squat

Turn to face to pool side and rest your arms on the sting. Jump, moving your feet apart for about ninety cm is enough then together. Now speed it up. Still facing the pool side, widen your feet to for about four ft apart and lunge, 1st to 1 side then alternative together with your knee bent.

Exercises Number 7: Water balancing

Stand side ways on to the pool side balancing you with one hand on edge, With feet a little apart raise opposite arm and bend towards pool edge. Repeat either side for about ten minutes.

Exercises Number 8: Jumping Jack

This one is nice for creating the hips a lot of supple, and therefore the legs a lot of flexible. Open legs as wide
as possible, holding on to sides of pool with arms. Then cut legs across in front of your body.
Spread them once more and repeat, varying the upper leg every time.

Image, under Creative Commons License
Source: Official YouTube Channel : HealthyFIVE

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How to Take Kalonji Seeds for Weight Loss || Fast Weight Loss Tips Idea

Kalonji (Nigella Sativa), conjointly known as ‘black cumin’, could be a wondrous spice used largely for adding flavor to numerous dishes. It comes packed with numerous important nutrients (proteins, fibers, fatty acids, etc.), vitamins, minerals (calcium, sodium, potassium, etc.), trace elements, enzymes, so on and therefore, offers quite a lot of health advantages. Multiple studies have come to the conclusion that these tiny black seeds may also be thought-about as an extreme weight loss remedy. let us state why kalonji is effective for losing weight and the way it ought to be used for this purpose:
How to Take Kalonji Seeds for Weight Loss

Kalonji and Weight Loss

Why to choose Kalonji Seeds For Weight Loss

Kalonji is considered to be rich supply of fibers and it's terribly healthy for our body too. some of Kalonji seeds ar enough for tricking the satiety space of brain. once it is added in any dish, it added  up its nutrition value and additionally hikes up its overall food value. Kalonji is rich in an antioxidant enzyme named nigellone, which plays a serious role in reducing fat. The nigellone breaks the fat cells and suppress the fat accumulation within the body. The nigellone additionally plays a vital role in inhibiting the markers that ends up in cancer.

The Kalonji oil is generally advised to all or any people who wish to use Kalonji for weight loss.The Kalonji oil are often simply utilized in most of the regular dishes.

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Take Kalonji Seeds for Weight Loss:

Using kalonji as a weight loss treatment is super simple. Here are the easy steps that you simply got to follow to shed off those further kilos around your belly:
Kalonji Seeds for Weight Loss

Things Needed:

  1. Kalonji seeds – three to five mg.
  2. Pure, raw organic honey – one tablespoon
  3. Fresh lemon – one
  4. Warm Water – 1(1/2) glass

Kalonji is that the home remedy and simply out there on the market. Here is how it helps in weight loss.
  • Take kalonji seeds and lemon.
  • Then squeeze the lemon over the kalonji seeds.
  • Add lemon juice till the kalonji seeds ar absolutely dipped in it.
  • Then keep the cup in the sun so the kalonji dried.
  • It should be dried under the warmth of the sun.
  • To get dried, it can be take 2-3 days.
  • After it get dried, consume 8-10 seeds with water in the afternoon and evening
  • You can see that after a * week there's reduction within the belly fat.
Take Kalonji Seeds for Weight Loss

It is best to use kalonji seeds two times a day for losing weight significantly round the belly. but just in case of your time constraint, you must try and take it in the morning and check that that your abdomen is completely empty. This helps us to enjoy the utmost effects of the seeds.

image, under Creative Commons License

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What Different Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

What different foods you can eat a lot of without gaining weight- Here Is How

Are you aware that you simply will eat plenty of some foods while not gaining weight? Well, it’s not tons actually, however you'll be able to  eat the maximum amount as you would like. These foods are rich in fiber and low in calories 
Here are some foods that will definitely help you lose weight , as most of these contain large amount of water and less calories. I have tried each of them and got a positive try them and see the difference in few weeks. so here are the different foods which you can eat a lot without gaining weight.

Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli

These vegetables are wonderful and you can eat a lot of  it without gaining weight . it's recommended having them two times a  week as their nutrients are interactive with iodine.

What Different Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

Watermelon and  Melon

A slice of these fruits can provide you with 55-65 calories. Melons ease the elimination of excess fluids, and keep you full for a longer period of time.


Cucumber is 97 % water, As such, it combats swelling and helps you get slimmer naturally.

Tangerines Oranges

They improve digestion and the health of our skin and liver. If you would like to reduce you must also consume them frequently.

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What Different Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

A healthy part of zucchini contains 43 calories, so you can eat a lot of  it without gaining weight It balances electrolytes and reduces the energy output within our body.


Algae are high in iodine, so that they normalize the function of the thyroid and stop weight gain.


You can eat eggs at any time of the day and still you  won’t get any weight. Remember, boiled eggs are a healthier choice than deep-fried eggs.


What Different Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

They help you eliminate the excess amount of liquid and improve your digestion.


They deter our organism and speed up the weight loss method.


What Different Foods You Can Eat A Lot Of Without Gaining Weight

You can eat a lot of  it without gaining weight Popcorn will turn out to be a guilt-free snack if you do not eat it with butter or sugar.

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Friday, May 12, 2017

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Your Face Naturally Effective Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Face Naturally Effective Ways - Remove Age Spots,Brown Spots on skin

Age spots or liver spots, are the blemishes on the skin, occur most often on the rear, shoulder, hands and face of the individuals.These flat brown or black spots are more common in those with a fair complexion. There are several factors resulting in the occurrence of aged spots in individuals over the age of forty, however the common ones include over exposure to ultraviolet rays, increasing age, and genetics.
How To Get Rid Of Age Spots On Face Home Remedies


According to the American Academy of dermatology, age spots are shaped as a result of prolonged exposure to sun. This causes deposition of melanin beneath the skin, that results in the appearance of age spots on the skin. No exercise, unhealthy diet, consumption of stale oils and faulty liver functions are another reasons which will cause age spots. Over exposure to ultraviolet rays from tanning beds may end in these spots, thereby making it necessary to take additional precaution whereas getting yourself that tan, naturally or by artificial means.


Age spots have several symptoms with that they will be easily identified. a number of them are as follows:
Appearance of flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation on the skin in black, brown and tan colors.Occur totally on the skin exposed to sun; just like the back of hands, top of your feet, face, shoulders and upper back.Can vary in size – from as tiny as a freckle to ½ inch. Sometimes, age spots cluster along to create additional prominent appearances. Have a similar texture as the rest of the skin.

5 Natural Remedies For Get Rid Of Age Spots On Your Face

Fresh aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera gel will help with most skin conditions. It contains chemicals that get eliminate dead skin cells, permitting new, healthy cells to grow. If you utilize it frequently then, over time the spot ought to lighten and eventually disappear. fresh Aloe vera gel is best, however AN organic brand may be used.

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Fresh lemon juice

lemon juice

Dabbing your age spots with lemon juice some times each day may help. The citric acid is simply sturdy enough to get eliminate dead skin cells and permits healthier, brighter skin cells to shine through. Darker skin is removed and your age spots become lighter.


Horseradish contains vitamin C that, as we mentioned before, inhibits the production of melanin that causes pigmentation and age spots on our skin.
Horseradish additionally contains glucosinolates that improve circulation of blood to the affected space. Horseradish is additionally a natural antioxidant and detoxifies the body.
Prepare a horseradish paste. then apply the paste on the affected space and leave it on for about half an hour however no more than that. you ought to try this some of times per week for best results.


You can additionally use buttermilk to help lighten your age spots. merely apply it on to the area for five to ten minutes, and so rinse it of. The lactic acid exfoliates the skin, serving to to lighten the spots.



The next remedy is papaya that is rich in specific enzymes and in alpha hydroxyl acids that create it a good exfoliant. Papaya helps get eliminate skin disease, blemishes and sun spots too.

In general, papaya cleanses our skin, giving a bright look immediately.
Begin by cutting a raw papaya into skinny slices. then apply the flesh on the affected areas. Leave it on for half AN hour, massaging gently all the while. Wash with cold water.
You can additionally cut the papaya into chunks. take away the pulp using a fork, and apply it on the skin that is affected by age spots. This mask ought to be kept on for about fifteen minutes. then rinse out with cold water.
You can do anyone of the 2 treatments once daily.

A word of caution: twenty four hours before using papaya as a remedy do a skin test as some individuals with sensitive skin as allergic to papayas.

Bonus Tips To Get Rid Of Age Spots

If you’re really committed to lightening your age spots, you can use any combination of the above remedies. Afterward, however, you have to be extremely careful regarding your sun exposure and be certain to use a homemade sunblock.
It’s additionally necessary to remember that these remedies do take time. as a result of they're mild on your skin, results might take several weeks to see. simply be consistent and that they will lighten and eventually even disappear.

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Thursday, May 4, 2017

How To Prevent Leg Cramps While Sleeping | What Causes Leg Cramps At Night While Sleeping

What Causes Leg Cramps At Night While Sleeping

5 Tricks To Avoid Muscle Cramps whereas Sleeping :

Most people recognize what it's like to be injured.Cramps, on the other hand, ar a totally different are completely helpless once your muscles contract. Worst of all, cramps usually occur while you are sleeping or trying to go to sleep. Fortunately, cramps aren't dangerous and do not injury our muscles. Recently, I found some tips about how to prevent cramps and that i collected them below. Please share them along with your friends and stop worrying regarding pesky cramps throughout the night.

Most cases of muscle cramps don t signify a difficult basic condition. those who ar sixty five and older ar at more threaten for them. Cramps can be associated with alcoholism, hypothyroidism, or diabetes. If the frequency of your cramps often bothers you, inform your doctor. Meanwhile,

There ar many remedies you ll be able to attempt yourself:


Tips to avoid cramps?

Trick 1: love a bar of soap

People who had leg cramps for years have testified that the cramps in real time disappeared once they place a chunk of soap in bed.

Trick 2: Take a hot shower

A hot shower before bed is the proper medication to relieve sore muscles.. If you have got leg pain and don’t need to stand up, take a heat bath.

Trick 3: Drink pickle juice

Drink a little pickle juice. It contains most of what your muscles got to stay cramp-free throughout the night.

Trick 4: Eat a banana

After working out, it’s forever good to eat a banana. Bananas contain several of the minerals which will counteract cramps. 

Trick 5: Eat dried apricots.

Dried apricots contain plenty of potassium,  and they’ve helped lots of individuals who have issues with nocturnal cramps. try intake 2 dried apricots twice daily for a month.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Instantly | Popular Working Methods That Will Surely Return Your Skin

Get Rid Of A Hickey Instantly

How to get rid of hickeys: Popular  working ways which will certainly return your skin to norm. A hickey is, the foremost unpleasant consequence of love. and a few people desire a hickey vanish as soon as possible. As a matter of reality, a hickey is AN inner haematoma without skin damages.
How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Instantly

How long do Hickeys Last?

If you've got a hickey, the primary question that comes to mind is, “How long does a hickey last?” A hickey isn't a permanent mark. It fades with time and doesn't leave any scar behind. If untreated, hickeys usually last about five to twelve days. However, hickeys may linger for some time because of:

⬛ Harshness: some hickeys ar a lot of severe than others ar and take a longer time to heal. the amount of damage done to the blood vessels within the skin will affect the time it takes for the hickey to fade away.

⬛ Personal Health:  your personal health also affects how long you'll have to live with a hickey. The healthier you're, the quicker the hickey will fade.

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Instantly
How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Instantly 

Here we've got gathered the foremost well-liked and traditional ways that of obtaining rid of HICKEY

⬛ The First Method: ICE

If you're “bitten”, a decent way to get eliminate hickey quicker is to induce some ice. place some ice cubes into bag or cover them into towel. Tenderly apply this cooling compress to your skin for max twenty minutes.Then take away the compress for one or two of minutes and repeat applying

⬛ The Second Method: BRUSH YOUR HICKEY

Take a hairbrush or a toothbrush and tenderly rub your hickey and a section surrounding it. don't rub sharply. Rub it for 5 minutes then wait 15 minutes. Redness and a swallow can become larger, however in further 15 minutes they'll disappear.Then you have got to use a cooling compress, as it has been represented above. you'll be able to repeat a procedure if you wish.

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⬛ The Third Method: A LUCKY COIN

You have to stretch your skin affected by hickey. Then take a coin and start to rub your skin with its ridge. don't press on your skin too heavily,this technique helps to get rid of blood from capillaries. The rubbing can cause redness, however it'll disappear quicker, than a hickey.


A very effective way to cover your hickey is to use specialized cosmetics with tint properties:

⬛ The Fifth Method: FRESH POTATOES

Potato could be a nice vegetable that contains a renowned curing property. it's used to get eliminate completely different issues, as well as hickeys.

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Source: Official YouTube Channel : HealthyFIVE